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Video transcript - Industry testimonial for CRN Greater Manchester


Relationships with Industry

Bob Shepherd is President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada-based Syantra Inc. Here, Bob speaks about how the company has enjoyed a strong working relationship with NIHR CRN Greater Manchester to successfully run a breast cancer detection study across Manchester.

Bob says:  

We opened our first research work here in Manchester with the NIHR. We started work on it about two years ago and then the study actually opened about a year ago.

We've had very good recruitment. We've had lots of support from the organisation as we look to expand the study and look forward to additional work in the future.

It has continued with lots of support and we have had very good options for making that expansion. We've been quite happy with the performance of the study. Recruitment has been solid for the whole time and we have a dedicated person that we can contact if we have questions or concerns about how things are operating.

We also are able to support our internal work through those contacts because we can receive data and information that enables us to talk with partners and with other research collaborators and different locations.

So we have had quite a positive experience and have recommended the NIHR for additional work through colleagues of ours and other organisations that want to run similar studies.