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Video transcript: Gill's experience of being part of research at her GP practice


A Greater Manchester patient has spoken about her positive experience of taking part in two clinical research studies at her local GP practice.

Gill Heneghan, from Withington, is a patient at the Bodey Medical Centre in Fallowfield, Manchester.

She said: "I've been involved in two studies that were recommended to me by my GP. The first one was about diabetes and the one I'm currently on is about cholesterol. 

"The doctor was very thorough. He gave me lots of information and lots of paperwork to read and at the end of it I was quite happy to join in this study for cholesterol. 

"It's been really easy for me to take part in these studies because they are at my own GP's, which is near to me. I can go when I want most of the time, I'm given lots of dates. 

"The team who look after you, who look after the study, are really fantastic and I feel quite happy that I'm having a thorough health check every time I go."