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Transcript for Bolton NHS Foundation Trust video


Part one

There is clear evidence that research-active healthcare organisations deliver better outcomes for their patients.

Through research we can improve the quality and safety of the healthcare we provide, enriching patient experience and providing access to new treatments.

At Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, we are continually working to increase opportunities for our patients to get involved in research, giving them the opportunity to get involved with shaping healthcare happening now and for future generations.

Part two

Our main focus over the last two years has been the delivery of Covid-19 research. 5,556 of our patients at Bolton have been involved in national Covid studies since the start of the pandemic.

Through the collection of important research data, providing samples and trialling new therapies, the people of Bolton have made a huge contribution to our understanding of the virus and the discovery of life saving treatments.

Over the past year our focus has moved to opening up new research studies and expanding opportunities for our patients across 16 clinical specialties including Children’s services, Cancer, Surgery and Maternity.

Part three

This has only been possible through the dedication and support of our clinical research team, working collaboratively with doctors, nurses, pharmacy and laboratory staff to delivery safe, ethical and valuable research.

Most importantly, we couldn’t have achieved this without the involvement of our incredible patients who are the real super heroes!

Part four

Moving forward, we are working to increase our engagement with partner organisations and our local community to grow our research capability and improve accessibility and inclusion

It is our ambition to increase the profile, quality and quantity of clinical research over the next five years, and really embed a culture of research throughout the Trust and enable better access to Research across our local community.