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The CRN WM Progression Plan - Reboot


The Entry Plan was instigated at the end of 2020 when the world was still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and plans were being drawn up on how we - as clinical research staff - would enter the "new world" we found ourselves in. Now that we are very much in the thick of this new world and learning how to live alongside the Covid-19 virus, the title 'Entry Plan' no longer seems fitting. This shift in environment has prompted the launch of a rebrand and reboot of the plan, with the key elements of this being:  
  • The plan no longer being referred to as the Entry Plan but instead 'The West Midlands Progression Plan'; a more fitting title given how far the plan has come and the achievements made to date. 
  • The launch of a new Google site which will host all key Progression Plan information - project specific and Programme Board - that can be accessed as and when needed by all stakeholders. 
  • The introduction of new simple progress reports that allow Progression Plan Project Facilitators the opportunity to share the progress they have made with their projects and their next steps. 
  • The implementation of quarterly Progression Plan Programme Board Meetings where the focus will be on project facilitators coming along to meetings to seek a steer on any project queries they have.
To ensure the work carried out for the rebrand and reboot is relevant, meaningful and accessible, a working group is to be set up. This group will help to ensure correct language is used throughout, content is pitched correctly, and is fully accessible. If you or a colleague are interested in being part of this group, please email Rachel Prosser (Project Manager) at So as not to overburden, only a reasonable amount of time will be asked of those who volunteer.
Finally, please take a look at the list of projects that form the Progression Plan, and if you are interested in being part of one or more of them, please let Rachel Prosser ( know.