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NIHR CRN Greater Manchester's Evening of Excellence: Tips for recording video submissions


Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination for NIHR CRN Greater Manchester's Evening of Excellence. The standard video record function on your smartphone is absolutely fine for doing this. 

Where a nominee is shortlisted for a category, your submitted video file will be incorporated into the final video package which will be broadcast on the night of the celebration on November 18, 2021. To help ensure the suitability of your video, please keep these simple tips in mind: 

  • Find a quiet spot with some natural light.
  • Film with your phone landscape.
  • Think about what's in the background and whether you want it in shot!
  • If possible, have someone film you - ensuring they do not stand too far away, as this impacts sound quality.
  • If you have no one to film you, selfie style is okay. Keep the camera close to avoid shake (this makes for better sound too).
  • Avoid reading verbatim from pre-prepared notes, as it’s hard to remember everything and can result in having to keep looking down at your notes - which doesn’t make good video content!
  • It can often work best to prepare some bullet points to focus your thoughts, and then deliver them to the camera naturally - without looking at the notes.
  • It’s okay to record your submission in a few sections. Feel free to stop and start - just remember to keep the camera angle consistent.
  • Press record, check the camera is recording, wait a few seconds, then begin
  • When you finish speaking each section, wait a few seconds before you stop recording.

Once you have finished recording, email it to Alternatively you can send your video by WhatsApp to 0783 544 8359.

Videos should not be longer than 60 seconds in duration and be accompanied by the following written information:

  • Your chosen awards category (see below for details).
  • The name, job title, employer organisation, and contact details of the person or team nominated.
  • Your name and contact details.