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New Hybrid Study Support Service Team



In response to the positive changes introduced to manage Urgent Public Health studies and adapt to this new way of working a new Hybrid Study Support Service Team has been formed to bring together Early Contact Leads, Portfolio Managers and support staff to enable sharing of expertise and good practice between staff across the range of study support activities.

This means that Lead LCRN studies will be supported by the same team members from pre-funding ‘Early Contact’, study/ site set-up, performance monitoring, and study record management to study closedown. Thus providing continuous support from the start to the end of the research delivery pathway for our local Chief Investigators, study teams, and Sponsors. This team was formed on 15 June 2020 and operational delivery is being led by two Research Operations Managers (Kirsty Hunter and Louise Scott). Karen Hampshire, Head of Study Support Service will continue to have overall responsibility and will provide the national link for Study Support Service implementation.

To ensure successful implementation of the service across the breadth of the research delivery pathway, the team is currently addressing training needs and a comprehensive training plan has been developed highlighting the expertise required to deliver support to our Chief Investigators, study teams and Sponsors. As part of the training staff will be developed as AcoRD Specialists which will ensure the Network has more capacity to support and validate (Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template) SoECATs. Whilst we train and 'buddy up' our staff you may notice that job desciptors have changed, more staff are involved in meetings and are copied into emails to allow the team develop their skill sets. 

The new Hybrid Study Support Service team is keen to maintain our current relationships with our partners and stakeholders and is looking forward to developing new relationships, new areas of work and most importantly supporting more studies and optimising recruitment! 

If you have any queries regarding this approach then please contact: