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Digital Collaborative Awards - Application form template


This is a unique opportunity to create a digital research collaborative.

The awards are being funded by the four local Clinical Research Networks (CRNs) in the south east of England, which are part of the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). That includes:

  • CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex
  • CRN North Thames
  • CRN North West London
  • CRN South London

The awards offer funding for digital collaboratives to enable and facilitate the development of clinical trials that will be placed on the NIHR CRN portfolio.

This is an opportunity to fund clinical sessional time, research assistants, or administrative time in order to meet and develop proposals for a research study grant application. Up to £10,000 is available, with two awards available in this funding call.

Applications will be competitive, with selection made against agreed criteria by a review board.


More information about the awards can be found in the guidance document.

Application form

Download the application form template in Microsoft Word here. Or use the template below to populate your application document.

Submit your application form to Richard Wong ( by 31 July 2023.


Your introduction should include the information below.

  1. Name of SME/company
  2. Name of applicant(s)

    Lead Applicant:
    Email Address

    Lead Investigator:
    Email Address

    NIHR CRN Regional Contact:
    Email Address

  3. Name and short description of how the digital health innovation fulfils an unmet need, and how it addresses one of the key issues described in the guidance document – please include links to web pages and/or video clips.

Responsibilities and expectations

Please insert the following five statements into your application and answer yes or no to each.

Will you:

  1. Commit to providing a quarterly report to pan-London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) review board as to the progress of the collaborative (Yes/No)
  2. Commit to submitting a clinical trial proposal to pan-London and KSS review board, within eight months of collaborative funding (Yes/No)
  3. Commit to submitting a proposal for funding within 12 months (Yes/No)
  4. Ensure any developed research project is eligible for the NIHR CRN portfolio and is being run in at least one site in London and KSS regions (Yes/No)
  5. Commit to future research developed meeting the needs of underserved communities in the creation and/or delivery of the study (Yes/No)

Impact of the collaboration

Please copy and paste points 1 to 5 into your application and provide a response to each. Your answers in this section should highlight a systematic approach to how the funding will enhance collaboration leading to clinical trial setup.

  1. Provide an overview of the proposed work, explaining its importance and what you aim to achieve. Include a project plan with milestones
  2. Describe the expected outcomes of the proposed work. How will this award be used to help the preparation of future funding applications for a subsequent evaluation or trial of your innovation? Provide any details of any funding calls to be targeted, if known.
  3. Describe how the money from this award would be utilised. Provide a breakdown of proposed costs and a justification for the requested resources (£10,000), which should be utilised in 12 calendar months.
  4. Describe how you will involve participants in the development of your innovation and funding applications.
  5. Provide a brief summary of the aspirations for this collaboration beyond the award.

Any additional comments/information

Please provide any further details to support your application.