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CRN Yorkshire and Humber: Investigator Initiated Commercially Funded Research Studies (IIT) award guidance 2024/2025


The Award


NIHR Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber (CRN Y&H) is collaborating with NIHR Clinical Research Network North East North Cumbria (CRN NENC) to fund ten £5000 awards to support applicants develop and lead on an Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT), as well as providing practical support to assist you in achieving Clinical Research Network (CRN) Portfolio status. Five £5000 awards will be available in each region.

The Detail

An IIT (Investigator Initiated Trial) is a study led by an Investigators (e.g. NHS, University, Public Health or Social Care staff) with research funding (e.g. financial/equipment/software) provided by a commercial organisation specifically to support that study. NHS IITs are often supported by a commercial company such as a pharmaceutical, biotechnology or devices company. However, for non-NHS settings it could be any type of commercial organisation that provides support via the funding described. For IITs, an NHS Trust or other non-commercial organisation (e.g. University or Local Authority) is the Sponsor of the study.

Through these funding awards, NIHR CRN Y&H aims to:

  • Increase the volume of Investigator Initiated Commercially Funded Research Studies (IITs) taking place across the region.
  • Support the development of new Chief Investigators (CI)

In the short term, we hope that this investment will help to develop research skills, involvement and engagement with portfolio research. In the longer term, we want to further support the development of applicants; specifically to facilitate future CI trials that lead to larger grant-funded or commercially funded projects.

Applications are open to anyone involved in health or social care research.

The award will be for a period of 12 months from April 2024 with funding provided to support the scheme up front. We will treat the award as being fully spent in-year however it is up to partner organisations how it is used to support the 12 month programme.


This is a competitive funding award assessed against the following criteria:


  • The lead applicant is a professional in the CRN Y&H or CRNENC region working in a Health, Public Health, Social Care or Academic setting
  • Formed research idea
  • Partner/funding agreed (commercial company) and written documentation of their funding contribution.
  • Proposed study to run in a Y&H or NENC Partner Organisation, Public Health or Social Care setting.


  • Unfunded to do research/without adequate Chief Investigator (CI) time included in any commercial grant/remuneration
  • Development of previously supported feasibility study (if applicable)
  • Multi-site within Y&H

Support available

The CRN Y&H has recently joined CRN NENC as a member of MedConnect North. For Medical Technology studies, additional support will be provided from the MedConnect North Service including Research Operations Manager and Project Manager to assist with study design, grant writing and liaising with R & D. The MedConnect North Team can also make introductions to a Methodologist and Statistician if required (although there may be a cost for this time if anything other than a high level review is required).

For any queries about the application process, please contact:

Expected outcomes

The award is expected to increase research capacity via development of new, or progression from existing, IITs that have the potential to be adopted onto the NIHR Portfolio at the end of 12 months.


Applications will be via an online form and will require details of the proposal and how it meets the above criteria.

A panel will review and assess applications against the criteria outlined above and will also discuss with relevant R&D Managers/Directors from applicants’ host organisations before confirming outcomes.

Timelines for Applications

11/03/2024: Competition advertised and open to applications
12/04/2024: Closing date for applications
W/C 22/04/2024: Decision by panel on successful applications
May 2024: Funding sent out
October 2024: 6 month progress review
March 2025: Protocol Approval/Study Set-up due by
March 2025: Final Review

The application form can be found here.