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CRN WM - SRL Social Care JD



Role Title: Specialty Research Lead (Social Care)

Accountable to: Clinical Director
Duration: Fixed term 2 years or until 31 March 2023, whichever is sooner
Time Commitment: 1 PA/0.20 WTE
Salary / Reimbursement: £12,360 per year including overheads
Accountable to: Clinical Director(s)

The COVID pandemic has emphasised the critical importance of all parts of health and social care working closely together to ensure the best care for our population. The Clinical Research Network West Midlands (CRN WM) has allocated funding to support a Specialty Research Lead (Social Care).

This post will be supported through the CRN WM, and will help to foster strong links between the different areas (including research) within health and social care. The CRN WM is very keen and willing to encourage and support this post, both now and also as we move forward post-COVID.

The closing date for applications is 07 June 2021

Submit Expression of interest Form to: Anna Law -
For Queries: Andrea Shilton (CRN WM Research Delivery Manager)

Job Description

Role Title: Specialty Research Lead (Social Care)
Accountable to: Clinical Director
Duration: Fixed term 2 years or until 31 March 2023, whichever is sooner
Time Commitment: 1 PA/0.20 WTE
Salary / Reimbursement: £12,360 per year including overheads
Accountable to: Clinical Director(s)

Key Relationships:

LCRN Senior Leadership Team
NIHR CRN WM Social Care Lead(s)
NIHR CRN National Social Care Specialty Lead & Specialty Cluster Office
CRN WM Specialty Research Leads
Specialty Research Leads from other LCRNs
Health and Social Care organisations
LCRN wider team including all cross-cutting functions including the Study Support Service, Industry, Communications, Workforce Development, Patient and Public Involvement & Engagement and Business Intelligence.
NIHR Partners


National NIHR and Clinical Research Network
The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) is a national research network consisting of a coordinating centre and 15 local research networks providing full coverage across England. The NIHR CRN makes it possible for people and health and care professionals to participate in health and social care research by providing the infrastructure to support research delivery. At the heart of NIHR CRN activities is the NIHR CRN Portfolio which consists of high quality research studies. These studies must meet strict entry criteria put in place by the DHSC. Pre-2018 entry onto the portfolio required studies to be delivered within the NHS or have significant NHS involvement. In 2018 the eligibility criteria expanded to include research taking place outside of traditional NHS settings. This change in policy was introduced to better reflect the environment and services that people access and live in today. This means the NIHR can support the delivery of funded health and care research taking place in settings such as care homes, hospices, schools, prisons, or other social care and public health environments.

Role Summary

The post holder will drive the implementation of the Social Care Research (SCR) agenda across the Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) in the West Midlands. They will be proactive in working with and guiding the NIHR CRN WM Social Care infrastructure to ensure effective oversight and development of opportunities for expansion of SCR delivery and an overall increase of CRN portfolio social care research within the region.

As part of the LCRN team take a key role in understanding how the CRN can deliver social care research, developing effective relationships between the CRN and social care organisations, to further the aims of the Network.

Work with key stakeholders in order to understand the research pipeline and provide appropriate advice to ensure the CRN is able to respond to and accommodate social care studies feeding into the CRN Portfolio.

Work with the LCRN team to develop initiatives to ensure the successful infrastructure and workforce development for social care research, with the aim of enabling optimal delivery and performance, and delivering against local and national objectives such as CRN High Level Objectives (HLOs).

Act as the key contact for social care, advising and representing the NIHR CRN and proactively promoting engagement and awareness of the CRN and social care research in the region.

Work in partnership with the LCRN Team to provide advice and to troubleshoot areas of poor delivery.
Support the development of Social Care Researchers.

Share information on upcoming studies, research strategies, social care developments and knowledge of stakeholders, and advise on strategic issues and therefore the LCRNs future strategy including CRN WM Entry Plan.

Promote the NIHR CRN at events and meetings.

Person specification


A senior professional leader with substantial experience of working within the social care system.

Highly developed interpersonal and motivational skills, able to work with and influence stakeholders at all levels and capable of providing strong and visible leadership.

Able to identify, develop and maintain effective collaborative relationships with relevant partners and stakeholders, to include senior management within the region’s social care delivery organisations, senior research leadership, social care academics, patients, carers, and the public within and out with the LCRN.

An ambassador for the NIHR CRN who is an effective facilitator, able to bring colleagues together to work in a collegiate way for the overall benefit of the LCRN and the wider research community.

Excellent communication and presentation skills with the enthusiasm to act as a research ‘advocate’.

Strong commitment to bringing benefits to participants and the wider public through the conduct and oversight of high quality research within the NHS and wider care settings.

Ability to contribute constructively and behave professionally in meetings, at all times retaining CRN / regional perspective and priority rather than that of a Partner Organisation.

Employed by a relevant HEI or social care organisation.


ARCs - Applied Research Collaborations
BRC - Biomedical Research Centres
CD - Clinical Director
COO - Chief Operating Officer
CRN - Clinical Research Network
CRNCC - Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre
DHSC - Department of Health and Social Care
LCRN - Local Clinical Research Network
NIHR - National Institute for Health Research
NSL - National Specialty Lead
PA -Programmed Activity
PI - Principal Investigator
PO - Partner Organisation
PPIE - Patient, Public Involvement and Engagement
SRL - Specialty Research Lead
WD - Workforce Development
WTE - Whole Time Equivalent