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CRN WE Protocol Review Offer Flyer


Are you writing a protocol for HRA or ethics approval?

The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) West of England (WE) would like to help you and your Sponsor by reviewing the protocol from a research delivery perspective before you submit.

We aim to improve the chance of your study succeeding and reduce the need for amendments later on.

Examples of the help we can offer include:

  • Sharing best practice from similar studies
  • Discussing the relevant study settings including primary care, hospices and care homes
  • Providing expert input on recruitment methods and delivery logistics

We encourage researchers to submit their protocols to the CRN WE Study Support Service for a review of the logistics and delivery.

This protocol review offer is optional and open to funded studies who intend to apply for adoption onto the NIHR Portfolio. This offer does not constitute or replace the need for a sponsorship, ethical, PPI, peer or regulatory body review.

If you're interested please contact us at We strongly recommend informing your sponsor that you have requested a review so we can work together to support your study development.

Download this information as an A5 flyer.