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CRN North East and North Cumbria PRES Standard Operating Procedure



The Participant in Research Experience Survey (PRES) is one means by which the NIHR Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria (CRN NENC) engages with patients and the public. PRES provides CRN NENC with experiential information that is used to improve the delivery of health research in the region.

CRN NENC have utilised a digital-only platform since 2019/20 and this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) describes the correct use of the digital PRES platform.

Please note: For 2021/22 the main changes to PRES include the facility to send an email with a unique link directly to participants; request that a batch mail-out be sent centrally by CRN NENC*; studies and sites are saved to a researcher’s profile (akin to favourites) and a separate process for registering.

A user guide is included within the app, and also on this short video about how to use PRES.

*An agreed process for information sharing must be in force between the CRN NENC and respective partner organisations

1. The PRES application

1.1  The application

The digital PRES app can be found here. On entering the application, users will be presented with the ‘landing page’. The landing page gives participants the option of entering a survey code to access the survey form, and it answers some frequently asked questions about PRES.

1.2 Participant access

Participants access the application by entering the web address, or clicking the link within the PRES email. They will then be presented with the application ‘landing page’. This has a section for the participant to enter their unique code, and also to review a brief explanation about why we are inviting them to provide their feedback. The participant will enter their code, and be presented with their survey for them to complete. A sample survey form is shown below:

One benefit of utilising the PRES app is that a ‘thank you’ is shown to each participant following completion of the questionnaire. An image of a sample ‘thank you’ page is shown below:

1.3 Researcher access - new users

New-user researchers need to create a login to access the PRES app by clicking ‘Register’. Signing up for a login ensures users can create surveys for use in-clinic or for the participant to complete later. On completing the registration details, an account will automatically be created for a researcher if their email address ends or If not, the BI team is notified and will investigate and manually approve for those addresses not on the approved list. An image of the Registration page is shown below:

1.4 Researcher access - registered users

On clicking ‘Login’, registered users will be presented with a login screen, see image below:

Once logged in, users can:

  • Create surveys by selecting the study, site and appropriate survey form (e.g. adults/’OK to Say No’/Young persons) then:
    • Load a survey form, using the device on which the application has been accessed (e.g. tablet)
    • Create a survey code, to be written down and given to the participant to use later
    • Email the survey to the participant
  • Access sites/studies and forms they have used before via the drop-down menus - which will show frequently used items
  • Access the step-by-step instructions for using the application

An image of these options is shown below: 

2. Inviting participants to complete PRES

2.1 Completing PRES in-clinic

On selecting the Load Survey Form, a participant can complete the questionnaire in-clinic, potentially with the support of someone who attended the appointment with them, or another reporter to ensure the response is not in any way biased. The researcher will load the appropriate study, site and form and hand the device, such as a tablet or laptop, to the participant to complete.

2.2 Email functionality - New for 2021

Where appropriate, an emailed PRES invitation is an easy, cost-effective means to invite a participant to complete PRES.

Researchers will be prompted to enter an email address when the Email Survey Code option is selected, and will then see a confirmation that the email has been sent. Participants simply access the email invitation at a time and place convenient to them. Researchers should confirm the participant’s email address is correct, and inform the participant, if they have not received their email, to check their spam or junk folders.

2.2.1 Bulk emails

By arrangement with CRN NENC it may be possible to send a batch of emails in bulk. This can only be done where an information sharing agreement has been put in place between an organisation and the CRN NENC. If this is something that may be of use, in the first instance, please contact to arrange a discussion with one of the PRES team.

2.3 Creating a code for use later

A code can be created for later use by selecting the Create Survey Code option. Once created the code can, for example, be written on one of the PRES code cards. A PRES card is shown below: 

It is important to notify the Engagement team when you have a low supply of cards. Please ensure you  give us two weeks notice so that we can order, print and deliver a new supply of cards to you. Please notify

3. Further information

We are very keen to hear your feedback about these processes.