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CRN Greater Manchester - Alternative provision of NIHR Learning and Development



Learning Programme Update June 2020

During the COVID-19 quarantine period and while social distancing measure are in place, the learning programme has been adapted to a provision of online learning opportunities only.

The research delivery workforce has also expanded in the COVID-19 response to include those who:-

  • support those delivering research
  • begin to deliver research projects
  • begin to lead the research team (new Principal Investigators)

So the programme has expanded to include new, and in some cases, proportionate resources to the range of learning we offer.

This infogram summarises the national Learning and Development offer at the moment and comprises of short videos, informal and formal pieces of e-learning across a range of topics.


Opportunities within NIHR Learn

As you may expect, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training continues via e-learning, plus the GCP e-learning suite has been extended to include some proportionate modules:-

  • Research Practice in Clinical Settings (set at Fundamentals* level).
  • Informed Consent for Observational Studies
  • Fundamentals* of Clinical Research for Laboratories


Improving Healthcare by Research - online course 

This Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) will next run from Monday 29 June 2020 - please share this with your colleagues and maybe print-out to display in communal spaces. The commitment is four hours per week over four weeks. Certificates come at a cost, so please print evidence of your progress as you go.


Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Those who require GCP and beyond can express an interest in learning by webinar if they’ve not as yet completed the face to face version of these courses:-

  • Informed Consent 
  • Principal Investigator Essentials 

These webinars are being run at set times, so the Greater Manchester GCP Facilitation team are providing additional learning support by offering 121 conversations to talk through any queries.


NIHR Learn

NIHR Learn contains areas that you may not have explored – there are dedicated community spaces; a COVID-19 resource area; research podcast series and bite-sized learning area amongst others.


Opportunities via CRN GM 

Fundamentals series* - has been extended to include a self-directed learning module for Clinical Research Document Management. It would be suitable for anyone new to research who is allocated this role but is not at GCP level – medical students supporting research; primary care staff; volunteers.

CRN GM – PI Learning Zone – this webpage of curated resources was originally developed to support new Principal Investigators (PIs) in Primary Care – but is available for all new PIs to access.


Medical Student Research Volunteers

The Medical Schools Council / NIHR Clinical Research Network and Health Education England are working towards writing to each medical student in England to ask them to consider volunteering to support COVID-19 research.

Would your organisation or your teams be in a position to offer a volunteer medical student a research (non-patient facing) placement?

This has been piloted in several parts of the country. Students have been delivering drugs to participants in the Principle Trial, been collecting ISARIC/SSP data in secondary care, and supporting NHSBT phone lines in relation to the REMAP-CAP study.

This will of course be subject to any pre-requisites / induction processes your organisation may have.

We are awaiting details around when the national call will go out but please get in touch if you'd like to explore this topic further.

* Fundamentals level describes a member of the team who is performing a research task within the scopeoftheirusualrole–butinaccordancewithSponsororEmployerSOPs only.