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CRN East Midlands COVID-19 Studies



CRN East Midlands is working with partners across the region to deliver Urgent Public Health research studies into COVID-19. These studies are designed to enable us to better understand and tackle COVID-19, including aiding with the development of treatments and a vaccine.

You can find out more about each of the COVID-19 research studies currently in operation across the East Midlands below:

Accord 2

This new, national clinical trial initiative is seeking to accelerate the development of new drugs for patients hospitalised with COVID-19. If positive early results are seen, these drugs will advance rapidly into large-scale clinical trials.

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Coronavirus infection in immunosuppressed children

This study is investigating the impact of COVID-19 on children who are immunosuppressed, and enables children or parents to self-record their experiences online each week.

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This study is investigating urgent COVID-19 questions including for how long people are infectious, and what puts people at a higher risk of infection.

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This study is aiming to determine whether specific genes can cause susceptibility to COVID-19, which could help to determine and prioritise treatments used in response to the pandemic.

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This study is collecting data about the impact of COVID-19 during pregnancy to help better understand the disease and to guide improvements in patient care for pregnant women.

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The PRIEST study

This study is aiming to optimise the triage of patients using the emergency care system with suspected respiratory infections during the COVID-19 pandemic, including whether or not patients should be admitted to hospital.

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This study, which is operating through GP practices, is seeking to determine whether existing treatments could be used to help people with COVID-19 symptoms and prevent them from needing to be hospitalised. 

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This study, which takes place in hospitals, is exploring whether a range of possible treatments are more effective in helping COVID-19 patients recover than the usual standard of hospital care, which all patients receive.

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RECOVERY Respiratory Support

This study is designed to compare the effectiveness of three ventilation methods for COVID-19 patients, exploring whether they help patients recover more quickly than those receiving standard hospital care.

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This study is targeted at patients in intensive care units, and is looking at the effect a number of drugs have on patients with significant community-acquired pneumonia.

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SARSCoV2 infection

This study is investigating whether an inhaled drug can prevent or reduce infection of the lungs in patients with COVID-19.

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UKOSS: Pandemic Influenza in Pregnancy

This study is seeking to understand the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy, including how treatment of the disease affects outcomes for mother and infant.

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What’s the Story

This study is seeking to determine how many children and young adults in different regions of England have had COVID-19 by looking for specific antibodies in a single blood sample.

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