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10 things you can do to promote health research



10 things you can do to promote health research

  1. Help to raise awareness of research to patients, carers and the public (for example, via events and health awareness days)
  2. Be involved locally to support national initiatives such as the NIHR ‘I Am Research’ campaign
  3. Assist with training of research staff to promote quality research
  4. Work with research staff to improve how a study might work for participants in hospital or at an organisation
  5. Advise on and help to collate surveys to assess the quality of patient research experience
  6. Be part of an interview panel when employing research staff
  7. Review studies with research staff to view their progress
  8. Lay membership of your local research and development (R&D) group or committee
  9. Speak to local special interest groups about research
  10. Be a resource for patients, carers and the public thinking about taking part in research