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Case study: Your Path in Research - Clare's Story

We caught up with Clare to find out more about her research story.

How did you first get involved in research?

I first became interested in research when I worked in the NHS, where I was involved in dementia research with AGE UK, as well as when I was working on the stroke unit. When I began working at Appleby care home, I became involved in the SSINCH trial, which uses a tool to screen new admissions for swallowing problems. I then did a selection of online research topics. These were of great interest to me as I strive to improve quality in the care home.

What do you enjoy about research?

I enjoy research because as a manager of a care home it is essential to improve practice and care in this environment while developing the team.

What training and support have you found most valuable in your career?

Completing the NIHR principal investigator course and good clinical practice enabled me to have good knowledge in research. This led to successfully applying for the Greenshoots award and to ongoing research engagement in a care home environment.

What people/organisations did you get in touch with to help you?

I have excellent support from the ENRICH (ENabling Research In Care Homes) research nurse, which varies from emails to face to face support.

What are your top 3 tips for somebody starting out in research?

  1.  Be proactive and be open to research, organisational skills and time management.
  2. Involve your team in research and deliver good communication with the residents and their family.
  3. Start small with little projects and gain knowledge to lead onto new projects.

To hear more about Clare's story, watch the full interview with her on YouTube