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Case study: Your Path in Research - Abi's Story

Your Path In Research

Abi Jose recently joined the NIHR Coventry and Warwickshire Clinical Research Facility (CRF) as a Research Sister.

Abi's journey has taken her from nursing in the Indian Army, being recruited by the NHS as an overseas nurse and working frontline during Covid-19. Abi’s interest in research was inspired during the pandemic when working with the Covid research team to deliver studies on the
ward where she was working.

'I had more than 11 years of nursing experience in the Indian Army before I joined UniversityHospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) as an overseas nurse. Another two years working at UHCW enhanced my skills to take care of people in need. I believe my contribution to medicine over the years has been very positive. All the nursing skills, experience and knowledge I have acquired throughout my career has allowed me to easily transfer to my new role as a Research Nurse.

'Working on the respiratory ward during the pandemic was exhausting at times but equally rewarding and I got a wonderful opportunity to work with the Covid-19 Research Team. I admired the Research Nurses who would come every day to the Respiratory Ward with their study file. I often wondered what the study was about, how did they collect the data and ensure that the patients meet the protocol requirements?

'I remember when we had the first patient with Covid and there were no effective drugs, but now patients are offered the opportunity to take part in different treatment trials to improve their outcome – whether this is duration of hospital stay or need for oxygen. Research is challenging, it’s creative and leads to new outcomes. Now I am a research nurse I feel empowered, I can spend more time with patients and I know that research makes a difference. Find out more about Your Path in Research.