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Case study: Staff wellbeing is front and centre for CRN South London

Read about Lauren's work on CRN South London's Wellbeing Panel.

A CRN South London Wellbeing Panel Member is keen to champion the welfare of her colleagues in the workplace through a group forum.

Lauren King, Office Manager, temporarily leads the Network's Wellbeing Panel, which aims to promote wellbeing to all CRN South London staff.

The panel brings together people from across CRN South London, who decide on key activities to take forward every three months. Lauren said she is proud to work for an organisation that regards the wellbeing of its staff as essential. She said:

"Wellbeing is front and centre for everybody, no matter where you work and your background. We need to embed wellbeing into everything we do as an organisation. Most people will struggle with their wellbeing at some point during their lives, and it is easy for our issues to affect our work. Having understanding, supportive managers and colleagues does make a big difference.

"I've found it quite exciting to have this project to lead that's very different from my day-to-day role. I enjoy channelling my creativity and time into championing the panel's work!"

Wellbeing is a broad concept and is described as relating to the following areas: personal dignity (including treatment of the individual with respect), physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Lauren is currently on the Mary Seacole programme through the NHS Leadership Academy. The programme aims to develop people's knowledge and skills in leadership and management. You can learn more about the Mary Seacole programme on the NHS Leadership Academy website.