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Case study: Research Midwife Louise is on the lookout

International Day of the Midwife - 5 May

A senior Research Midwife is hoping a national celebration day will help prompt more women across North Staffordshire to join her clinical trials.

Louise Campbell, Senior Midwifery Research Practitioner at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM), has worked as a Clinical Midwife since 2002 and is currently working on two trials. She is proud to be involved in International Day of the Midwife.

Louise is involved in SNAP-3 Smoking Nicotine and Pregnancy 3 and FLIP GD2 open to women diagnosed with gestational diabetes ‘Is Fat in the LIver a marker of post-Pregnancy Glycaemic Deterioration in women with Gestational

After previous roles in the Midwife-Led Care Birth Centre and Patient Safety Governance teams, Louise joined the Research Team at Royal Stoke University Hospital in January 2023 and has indulged her passion for research ever since.

She is looking to recruit 1,430 patients between May 2022 and December 2025 to SNAP-3, which is open to mums-to-be who are less than 25 weeks pregnant and smoke at least five cigarettes a day.

“Research has always been important to me as it has supported me in my practice and motivated me to become more involved,” said Louise.

“It underpins evidence-based practice, improving knowledge, supporting people to make informed decisions about their care and it can be pivotal in changing practice and improving outcomes.

“It is part of providing a quality service as envisioned in the NHS Long Term Plan.”