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Case study: Research Midwife Chloe's Story

International Day of the Midwife - 5 May

Chloe O'Hara is the Lead Research Midwife at Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust, as well as a Senior Research Leader for the National Institute for Health and Care Research.  Throughout this programme she will support research aims and initiatives that ensure the team is contributing to enhancing patient care.

She first became a research midwife in 2010 and then Lead for Maternity in 2012 inone of the largest maternity units in the UK, and is currently overseeing more than 30 studies.

The department recruits to large scale clinical trials of investigational medicinal product (randomised control trials), to single site PhD projects, and also sponsors many maternity trials.  Chloe has been and continues to be, Principal Investigator (PI) for multiple trials and encourages all of her colleagues in research midwifery to become PIs. 
Chloe says: "Research is important as providing the best evidence-based care is fundamental in midwifery.  Everyday as a research midwife you really feel you have provided the best care to all the birthing people and families we meet, and that a significant effort has been made to change and improve the care provided to all maternity service users and providers."