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Case study: Research Lead takes part in PANORAMIC study

Dr Adrian Beltran-Martinez, Research Lead GP at Royal Primary Care, Chesterfield, has joined more than 15,000 people across the country in taking part in the PANORAMIC study, which is a national study seeking to identify antiviral treatments for COVID-19.

As soon as I saw that I had a positive COVID-19 test I knew I had to take part in this trial, Adrian says. “My role as Research Leads means that I am promoting and involving patients in research on a daily basis. I know how important research is for the scientific community, and I wanted to step up and do my bit.”

The PANORAMIC study, funded and supported by the National Institute for Health Research and led by the University of Oxford, enables people to participate in their own home with no face-to-face visits required.

“I had to complete a very quick online questionnaire,” Adrian explains, “and someone called me back to confirm my details which did not take very long.” As part of his trial participation, Adrian was asked to complete an online diary for 28 days to monitor his symptoms. “This was actually really helpful,” he says, “as sometimes we feel that our symptoms are not improving; reflecting every day helped me realise that I was getting better.”

Research has played a vital role during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people taking part in a range of trials to develop vaccines, identify treatments and understand more about the virus. “Contributing to clinical research and especially as part of a priority COVID-19 trial made me feel very good,” Adrian adds. 

“Hopefully my small contribution will form part of a large and important scientific discovery to reduce the threat of COVID-10 in our society.

Adrian is keen to encourage others to follow his lead and take part in the PANORAMIC study. “Your help could be crucial to find new treatments for COVID-19,” he says, “and you might get a new treatment that can help with your symptoms.”

As Adrian’s health returns to normal following his COVID-19 diagnosis, he welcomes the opportunity to see research from a patient perspective. “I have now experienced what my patient’s experience every day,” he says. “My experience means I can now better explain to them what their experience will involve, and will hopefully empower even more patients to go on to be part of research.”

The PANORAMIC study is open to people:

  • Who are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms beginning in the last 5 days
  • Who have had a positive PCR or Lateral Flow test for COVID-19
  • Who are aged 50 or over, or aged 18 or over with a listed preexisting condition

To find out more about the PANORAMIC study and take part, please visit: