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Case study: Q&A: Vindhya Kesireddy - Senior Clinical Trials Assistant at CRN Wessex

An interview with Senior Clinical Trials Assistant Vindhya Kesireddy about her role in the Direct Delivery Team at CRN Wessex.

The new Direct Delivery Team (DDT) at the Clinical Research Network (CRN) Wessex will play a pivotal role in facilitating research in Dorset, Hampshire, South Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

In this Q&A, we speak to Vindhya Kesireddy, CRN Wessex Senior Clinical Trials Assistant (CTA), about her experience of working in the DDT and what she's enjoying most about her role.

When did you join the CRN Wessex Direct Delivery team?

I joined the team earlier this year, on 28th of February 2022.

How are you settling in?

I am doing well. I have completed all the required competencies and training that needs to be done. I am helping to deliver vaccine studies at the research hub in Bournemouth, as well as the iDx Lung study at the Royal South Hants Hospital. I have also just started the DIAMOND study, which is looking at dietary approaches to the management of type 2 diabetes. 

Please tell us a little bit about your role within the team. 

I am a Senior Clinical Trials Assistant with the DDT, which involves setting up clinical visits and making sure that all the study kits and materials are ready. I also carry out clinical tasks, such as blood taking and checking vitals. I help process samples in the lab, which includes packing collected samples and booking couriers for them.

Is this your first role within research? If so, what inspired you to get into research? 

Yes, this is my first role in research. I am a clinical pharmacist from India. I did a research thesis in my undergraduate and masters and I liked it and wanted to do something in research.

What have you found most enjoyable or interesting about your role so far?

I love to work in different research places which is so rewarding. I get to learn various study settings and to speak with a wide variety of people. 

Tell us about a time a member of the research team has made you feel inspired and proud of working within the field.

A research nurse in Bournemouth hub is very polite and kind to explain anything that I am unaware of. She always takes time and makes sure that everyone is doing okay with work and understanding things.

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