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Case study: Donating a record amount of plasma - Steve’s COVID-19 research story

Donating Convalescent Plasma

Steve Franklin, age 54, from Hall Green in Birmingham has the distinction of having donated plasma more times than anyone else in England - five times so far, with a sixth already scheduled.

He is the first person who has recovered from coronavirus to donate convalescent plasma five times to the national treatment trial. No-one else in England has donated five times so far.

Blood plasma can be transfused into people who still have COVID-19, to potentially save lives. The antibodies in the plasma can stop the virus invading cells.

Retired firefighter Steve says: ‘I’ve always been community-minded and this is just a couple of hours out of my day - when I saw the appeal online it made sense as I was already a plasma donor anyway.’

He made his first donation in late April and his fifth donation on July 13 at Birmingham Donor Centre.

Steve adds: ‘It came on very suddenly when I was at work - I went straight home and was in bed for 10 days. We did call 111 for advice but I wasn’t hospitalised. I had a cough and my temperature almost hit 40C.

‘Once I recovered, I wanted to do something to help people and it’s an easy process - it’s great to be able to contribute just by sitting down for an hour!

‘It’s no hardship at all - I’d recommend anyone to do it.'

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