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Zoe Lampshire: Working on the FALCON study

Moonshot, an arm of the FALCON study, was classed as the highest priority study from the Department of Health and Social Care. Zoe Lampshire, Clinical Research Practitioner at the CRN West of England (CRN WE) tells us about her experience of working on the study.

"As one of the Clinical Research Practitioners at CRN WE, I helped to support the Moonshot arm of the FALCON study in Gloucestershire for three weeks. The FALCON study aims to test the accuracy of several new diagnostic tests for COVID-19.

"We drove up to the Hempstead Meadow site in Gloucester, which was previously used for car boot sales but is now being used as a drive-through COVID-19 testing site. We worked with the Gloucestershire Hospitals team to collect samples for the study from people who had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

"We came in to support the study at short notice, but it was a great feeling to help out on important COVID-19 research that hopefully will have a positive impact. I’m really proud of how the team came together, both the site team and the Gloucestershire Hospitals team were absolutely amazing. They were so kind and helpful, and I really enjoyed working with them as part of the team!"

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